Treatment Operations


Operational staff are responsible for operating the Wastewater Treatment Facility and the disposal of the biosolids generated by the facility in compliance with the associated permits issued by the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Wastewater Treatment Process

Treatment of the wastewater is accomplished by mechanical and biological means. Grit, gravel, and large non-treatable particles are removed via mechanical means. These wastes are hauled to the landfill for disposal. The solids or sludge generated by the wastewater treatment facility are separated from the wastewater and are treated to meet permit limits prior to land application or disposal at the landfill.

The wastewater is treated by biological processes to reduce total suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand, ammonia, and various other pollutants.

The final processes before discharge are ultra-violet disinfection and post aeration. Flow measurement and pollutant monitoring occur prior to discharge into the Big Sioux River to document the quantity and quality of the water that is discharged.


Tours of the Wastewater Treatment Facility are available by appointment. Please call (605) 882-6244 if you would like to schedule a tour.