Solid Waste Fees and Charges

Solid Waste Tipping Fees

Waste TypeCovered PriceUncovered Price
D - Cell (Garbage) $44.00 per ton$88.00 per ton
Wood$25.00 per ton$50.00 per ton
White Goods (major Appliances) $25.00 per ton$50.00 per ton
Yard Waste$25.00 per ton$50.00 per ton

Residential Garbage Charge

Monthly residential garbage is charged on the monthly utility bill at a rate of $14.00 plus 6.2% sales tax. Single family residences may purchase the service of additional blue solid waste containers. Each additional container will increase the monthly utility bill by $14.00 plus 6.2% sales tax. Call the Watertown Sanitation Department at 605-882-6219 or complete the request form to request an additional blue solid waste container to be delivered to your home.

Commercial Waste Haulers License

Commercial waste haulers within the City Limits must be licensed by the Finance Office at City Hall.  The commercial waste hauler license fee is $50.00.  If you have any questions, please contact the Finance Office at (605) 882-6203.  

Out of Service Area Fees

Out of service area wastes are charged an additional $14.00 per ton, plus 4.5% sales tax.