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General Application for Cost Share

  1. Legal description, quarter or nearest intersection.
  2. Operator must obtain landowner signature to proceed.
  3. Street, City, State, Zip
  4. Animal Nutrient Management
    Animal nutrient management systems can be: clean water diversion from the feedlot area, a full system storing solid and liquid manure, or a composting facility.
  5. Riparian Area Management
    Used to buffer waterways, riparian zones and lands between cropland and wetlands to contain silt and nutrients.This can be a 30% bonus on top of a CRP contract or stand-alone based on CP-30 requirements.
  6. Grassed Waterway
    In cropland, where severe erosion exists, waterways will be designed, shaped, and seeded.
  7. Small Ponds
    Dams constructed on steeper sloped uplands with small watersheds. Dugouts (new or cleanout) constructed in pastureland. Ponds can used for livestock or wildlife water.
  8. Permission*
    I grant the UBSRWP authorization to obtain needed information for the practice from USDA or other sources.
  9. Other Practice
    Innovative clean water practices that do not fit in the other categories.
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