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Fraud Report Form

  1. Use this form to report non-emergency incidents of fraud to the Watertown Police Department. The information you submit will be reviewed by our Criminal Investigative Division. If the incident you are describing involves a monetary loss, you will be contacted by an officer or investigator within two business days. If you need immediate assistance, please call the Dispatch Center 24/7 at (605)882-6210.
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    Note - Checks returned for NSF (Insufficient Funds) should be reported to the Codington County State Attorney's Office at (605)882-6276.
  4. The information you enter into this field is sent securely to the Criminal Investigative Division of the Watertown Police Department. Please include bank and/or credit card company contact information, check numbers, account numbers, etc. (if applicable). If you are not comfortable providing this information in this form, an investigator can contact you at a later time.
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