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Camp Chance Volunteer Application

  1. Watertown Police Department
    Camp Chance Volunteer Application
  2. Are You a Student?*
  3. Please use the section below to select the dates and times you are available to volunteer.
    Camp Chance runs from 8am to 5pm on Tuesday-Thursday for three consecutive weeks. Check the boxes next to the dates/time you are available.
  4. Week One
  5. Week Two
  6. Your T Shirt Size*
  7. Will you be eating lunch?*
    Breakfast is provided for youth only
  8. Are you willing to be photographed and/or videotaped for media releases and/or future promotional use by Camp Chance or its partners (Joy Ranch, Bramble Park Zoo, etc.)?*
  9. Your typed name above is the electronic equivalent to your signature.
  10. Parent or Guardian permission is required for any volunteers under 18 years of age. Sixteen years of age is the minimum age to volunteer for Camp Chance.
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