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Animal Control

  1. Animal Concern

    Request service from Animal Control officer. Please use this form or call the Police Department Dispatch (605-882-6210) to notify us of... More…

Building Services

  1. Code Enforcement Concern / Complaint Concern

    A form to report any concerns or complaints regarding possible code violations

  1. Email Building Services


  1. Application for Business License

    All business licenses require an initial application or renewal application along with the fee as indicated on the form.

  2. Contact the Finance Department

    Use this form to contact the Finance Department about job openings, alcoholic beverage licensing, business licenses, bids, payroll,... More…

  3. Report a Concern

    This form will be used to allow the public to report a concern and pick a department to submit the concern to.

  1. City Employee Change of Information Form

    If a City Employee would like to update their address, phone number or emergency contact information, please fill in the form below.

  2. Notice of Intent to Hold Bingo Game or Lottery

    If your non-profit organization is planning to hold a Bingo Game or Lottery, please fill in this form.


  1. Contact Us

    How may we help you?

  2. Interlibrary Loan

    Requests for books from other libraries

  3. Suggest Books

    Suggest books for the library to buy.

  1. Email Library Staff
  2. Interlibrary Loan Article

    Requests for journal articles from other libraries


  1. Camp Chance Volunteer Application

    Camp Chance Volunteer Application

  2. Citizen's Radar / Traffic Enforcement Request

    Used to notify the Watertown Police Department about recurring traffic complaints and/or to request traffic patrols in an area

  3. Commendation Form

    Used to report outstanding or exceptional performance by a member of the Watertown Police Department

  4. Contact PD
  5. Gas Drive-Off Form

    Many gas drive-offs do not meet the statutory criteria of theft, because there is no intent to steal on the part of the person fueling... More…

  6. Police Internship Application

    Use this form to apply for an internship with the Watertown Police Department

  7. Submit a Tip

    This form is used to submit a tip

  1. Citizens' Police Academy Registration Form

    Used to register online for the Citizens' Police Academy

  2. City of Watertown Employment Application

    City of Watertown Employment Application

  3. Complaint Form

    Used to file a complaint against a member of the Watertown Police Department

  4. Fraud Report Form

    Used to report incidents of fraud or scams to the Watertown Police Department

  5. Golf Cart Permit

    Used to obtain a permit for operating a golf cart on public roadways.

  6. Police Services Survey: How Are We Doing?

    Take a quick survey to tell us how we are doing

  7. Video Registration Form

    This is to volunteer to have the Watertown PD use their security cameras in case of a crime or incident

Regional Landfill (Solid Waste)

  1. Container Request Form

    Use this form to request a container from the Solid Waste Staff.

  2. Report A Broken Container Form

    Use this form to report that your container is broken.

  1. Email Landfill Staff

Street Department

  1. Contact Street Department
  2. Street Concern

    If you have a street concern that needs to be taken care of, please use this form or call the City of Watertown Street Department at... More…

  1. Potholes Notification Form

    If you notice a pothole that needs to be taken care of, please use this form or call the City of Watertown Street Department at... More…

Upper Big Sioux Watershed Project

  1. Contact Roger

    Send email to Roger

  2. General Application for Cost Share

    Landowner and cooperator (if applicable) signup for Best Management Practices: animal nutrient management, Riaprian Area Management,... More…

  1. Contact Upper Big Sioux Watershed Project

    Send email to the watershed project

  2. Lake Shoreline Signup

    Use this form to submit an application if your shoreline is on Lake Kampeska or Lake Pelican in Watertown, SD and you are interested in... More…

Urban Renewal

  1. Urban Renewal Revolving Loan Application

    Application for businesses within the Urban Renewal District to be filled out for Urban Renewal Board approval for revolving loan funds... More…


  1. Contact Us - Wastewater

    Form to contact Wastewater Treatment Facility Staff.