How do I get a copy of a Police Report?

If you are the victim of a crime, the Records Office can get you short form version of a police report. This short form has documentation of the dates and times of the incident and the value of any property lost or damaged. The full police reports of criminal violations are only available by subpoena. Call the WPD Records Office at (605)882-6214 between 8:00 am and 5:30 pm Monday through Friday for clarification.

Who do I talk to if I have questions about the jail?

The jail is operated by the Codington County Sheriff's Office. You can call the jail at (605)882-6284.

How do I get a copy of an accident report?

You can an accident report in one of two ways. Click here to learn more.

Who do I call for an animal complaint?

Our Animal Control/Community Service Officer handles animal complaints between 8 am and 5 pm on Monday through Friday. The patrol staff handles animal complaints at other times. Both are dispatched through the WPD Communications Center, so give the Communications Center a call at (605)882-6210.

If I need my fingerprints taken for a job application or background check, will the WPD do that?
Yes. The Records Office staff can take your fingerprints. There is a charge $15.90 associated with the process. Call the Records Office with any questions (605)882-6214.

What are the laws on child safety seats in vehicles?

Any child less than five years of age or under forty pounds is required to be in an approved child safety seat. The WPD has personnel with expertise in child safety seats. They can help you select the proper seat and aid you in installing it. Call the Communications Center to schedule a visit (605)882-6210.

Can the WPD do a background check for me?

Many property owners or employers want to conduct a background check on prospective tenants or employees. By law, the WPD can only run a criminal history check for law enforcement purposes. You can, however, get a criminal or civil court records search through the Codington County Clerk of Courts Office. There is a fee of $20 if you are checking a person other than yourself. Checks on yourself are done at no charge. Call the Clerk of Courts at (605)882-5095.

How do I request a presentation from a WPD Officer?

Officers regularly give presentations to various school and community groups on a variety of topics. You can request a presentation by calling (605)882-6210. Any one of supervisors will help set you up with an officer that has some expertise in the area you are looking for.

How can I become an employee at the WPD?

Click here for more info.

How do I let someone know about an officer’s actions (good or bad)?

Click here for more info.

What are the laws regarding mopeds and scooters?

According to SD law, you need a drivers’ license to operate any motorized vehicle on a public roadway. If the moped has a combustion engine of more than 49 cc, you need a motorcycle endorsement in addition to a drivers’ license.

The following response refers to several South Dakota Codified Laws and assumes the moped or scooter is being driven on public roadways. Click on any of the links to read the actual statute.

SDCL 32-20-1 says that a moped is one of the several types of two wheel vehicles that are considered motorcycles. 32-20-1 further defines a moped as a motor driven cycle with two or three wheels and having combustion engine with a displacement under 50 cc, which functions directly or automatically (no clutching or shifting). Many of the motorcycle laws apply to mopeds. Mopeds are, however, exempted from a few of the motorcycle laws.

According to SDCL 32-20-2, the driver of a moped does not need a motorcycle endorsement, but does need to have a valid driver’s license. Electric scooters do not meet the definition of a moped. Some small motorcycles have an engine displacement of less than 50 cc, but if they have a manual transmission, they do not meet the definition of a moped, but do meet the definition of a motorcycle. For that reason, drivers of electric scooters and small motorbikes (with clutches) are required to have a motorcycle endorsement.

According to SDCL 32-3-2.3, mopeds are not required to have license plates. 32-3-1(11) explains that mopeds and scooters are considered “motor vehicles,” and therefore have to be insured according to SDCL 32-25-113. As stated earlier, mopeds are considered motorcycles, but are exempted from some of the motorcycle laws. There is no such law that exempts moped drivers from wearing proper safety equipment. According to SDCL 32-20-4 and 32-20-4.1, moped and scooter drivers and passengers under age 18, must have a helmet and eye protection.