Recycling Dos and Don'ts

Single stream recycling began in January 2013. All recycle materials are mixed together in the new tan 95 gallon recycle container and collected at the same time. Register for your new tan recycle container by completing the container request form.

To maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness, please do not put your tan recycle container out until it is full. Place all containers out the night before collection day to avoid missing the truck.

Recyclable Items include:
  • Plastic: Bottles with a neck smaller than the base (as milk jugs, plastic pop bottles, dish soap and shampoo bottles). Remove caps and lids; throw them in the trash.
  • Metal: Aerosol cans - completely empty with caps removed. Aluminum, steel and bi-metal cans; not necessary to remove labels.
  • Cardboard: Clean corrugated and non-corrugated paperboard (as cereal boxes, soda boxes, and cracker boxes). Break down large boxes to get more into your container.
  • Paper: Newspapers, coupon pages, glossy inserts and flyers, magazines, catalogs, office paper, computer paper and phone books.
Do Not Recycle:
  • Do not recycle glass containers.
  • Do not recycle neon paper or padded envelopes.
  • Do not recycle shredded paper.
  • Do not recycle scrap pie tins, tin foil or paint cans.
  • Do not recycle items soiled with food or oil.
  • Do not recycle milk or egg cartons or pizza boxes.
  • Do not recycle ice cream buckets, styrofoam cups and butter or yogurt containers.
  • Do not recycle hazardous chemical, antifreeze, oil, pesticide, herbicide or fertilizer containers.