Criminal Investigative Division (CID)

Barthel, TrevorTrevor Barthel
Detective Sergeant

Our investigative division consists of four plain-clothes detectives and a Sergeant. Detectives specialize in specific areas such as general crimes, sex crimes, Internet Crimes Against Children, and narcotics investigations. The detectives conduct follow-up investigations into felony and misdemeanor crimes.

Sex offender registration and compliance within the city limits of Watertown is completed in the Criminal Investigative Division. Sex offenders are required to register with the Watertown Police Department biannually and within 3 days of a change of residence, change of employer or location of secondary education. Sex offenders can not live within 500 feet from the grounds of any school, public park, public playground or public pool.

To view a map of the community safety zones within the City of Watertown, Click Here

Bjerke, JeremyJeremy Bjerke

Alvarado, Jesse

Jesse Alvarado

Sivertson, Sig1-1Sig Sivertson

Maertens, Taylor1

Tayler Maertens