Programs at the Police Department

Camp Chance

- This program is a three-day camp designed to help youth and to get them involved in a number of fun and educational activities The focus of this program is to reduce violence, drug and alcohol abuse and negative behavior. Camp Chance increases self-esteem, communication, cooperation and teamwork.

Watertown D.A.S.H.

- This is an initiative with the police department that stands for Drug Free, Alcohol Free, Safe & Healthy and the mission is "To challenge community partnerships to lead by example and to empower Watertown youth to choose to live healthy and positive lifestyles". No greater good can be done by helping children live happy and fulfilling lives. Watertown DASH hosts and sponsors safe and healthy activities for the kids and promotes family oriented events. Being present in children's lives plays a huge factor in their lives.

Sea of Goodwill

- A project created to help soldiers and their families find the help they need through a "one stop" call center for our veterans-one place that will have a list of all the various official and unofficial support available to help our veterans. A place where they can call with confidence of results, yet know their privacy is honored.



Citizens' Police Academy - An interactive program that focuses on educating citizens about the police department’s mission, function, practices, and processes. The Citizens’ Police Academy brings the police and the community close together in a setting that offers a sample of police training to each participant. This Academy meets one evening each week for 13 weeks and is held each spring and fall.

Teen Police Academy

- A condensed version of the Citizens' Police Academy mentioned above. This Academy is designed for youth aged 13-18. Young people that may be interested in a career in law enforcement get some hands-on experience with some of the tools and equipment used by officers. The Teen Police Academy meets for one week each June.

Explorer Program-

The Explorer Program of the Boy Scouts of America provides young people with the solid information about the adult world they are preparing to enter. The program gives today's teenagers a chance to find out first hand about a wide variety of careers in special interests.

Car Seat Program

- This is an ongoing program funded by the state of South Dakota. Its purpose it is put a youth safety car seat in every vehicle needing one. The department provides distribution and training for properly installing the seats. The department sets up clinics to check for the proper installation of vehicles with youth safety seats in them.

Bicycle Safety Program

- Watertown police assist each year in the annual safety inspection and licensing of bikes at all of the grades school. This program checks the lights, reflectors, brakes and the general condition of the bikes. This information is sent home with the youth for the parents to make any needed repairs on the bikes. The Police Department has distributed bike helmets throughout the community in association with the Trial Lawyers Association. Watertown Bike Patrol has been involved in the community for the past two years and ride on bike paths, in the community, and at special events.

Ride Along Program

- The Watertown Police Department offers individuals who have a genuine interest in law enforcement the chance to experience it first hand by participating in our ride-along program. Anyone interested in participating may contact the Watertown Police Department for more information. Most applicants will be allowed to participate and after a brief orientation and signing a waiver of liability will be allowed to ride along for a designated time with a police officer. If interested, complete the Ride Along Form.


- The Watertown Police Department offers a criminal justice internship program of up to 6 credit hours. It is open to students pursuing a degree in criminal justice and are enrolled in an accredited college or university. Interns are afforded a variety of experiences as they work with and observe officers performing their daily duties.


- The Watertown Police Department has implemented an “Adopt-A-School” program, where a patrol officer “adopts” a grade school and becomes a liaison between the students, teachers, and the Police Department. The officer spends time with the kids, getting to know them by having lunch on occasion with them, speaking to them, and addressing their question and concerns.