Fire Chief

Chief Doug KranzChief Doug Kranz started at Watertown Fire Rescue in 1988. He started as a Firefighter EMT and in 1992 he became a Paramedic becoming the 10th Paramedic in the history of WFR. Doug was promoted to Captain of A-shift in 2001. His duties as Captain included fire inspections, fire pre-planning, and 2nd in command of his shift. In 2006 Doug was promoted to Assistant Chief of A-Shift. Doug was Assistant Chief for 1 year before the department restructured the organizational chart. At that point Doug became Chief of Operations and was moved to a 40 hour position. In June of 2011 Doug was appointed Watertown Fire Chief. In Doug's personal life he married the love of his life Barbie in 1988 and they have 2 children Tyler and Chelsey. Doug loves his career at Watertown Fire Rescue and enjoys the satisfaction of helping people.

History of Watertown Fire Chiefs
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A.P. Foley 1885-1888
George W. Carpenter 1888-1890
A.P. Foley 1890-1891
Lee Stover 1891-1893
William Luck 1893-1896
G.L. Buck 1896-1897
Arnold Reichert 1897-1900
Charles Brickell 1900-1901
Arnold Reichert 1901-1906
Pat Peterson 1906-1909
William T. McLaughlin 1909-1924
J.C. Mooney 1924-1932
O.B. Kinsman 1932-1956
Raymond DeVetter 1956-1963
A. Burdette Rukstad 1963-1973
Jack Hoy 1973-1978
Lloyd Strain 1978-1979 (Public Safety Director)
Dennis Eisnach 1979-1980 (Public Safety Director)
Frank Cordell 1980-1982
Al Satter 1982-1994
Larry Anderson 1994-2005
Mike Jungemann 2005-2009
Nick Swinhart 2009-2011
Doug Kranz 2011-Present