Fact Sheet

The Watertown Regional Airport has collected the following information over the years to quickly answer some common media-related questions about the airport. 

Airport Identifier Code






Watertown, SD


1746' Above Sea Level



The Watertown Regional Airport is owned by the City of Watertown, a public city government, incorporated in the state of South Dakota. The airport is operated by the city, with a City Manager form of government and confirmed by the City of Watertown City Council.



Runways are named after the magnetic heading you are facing when going in the direction of the runway for takeoff or landing, rounded to the nearest whole integer and the last digit dropped. For example; if you are taking off on runway 17, the compass in your aircraft will read close to 170 degrees. Runways are renamed when the magnetic heading changes to a point that they are no longer accurate.


6,984' x 100' ILS Cat III, grooved concrete


6,900' x 100' GPS, asphalt



United Airlines

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Vehicle Parking

Main Lot

300 spots


Previous Uses

1918 - 1941

GA Airport

1941 - 1945

USAAF Bomber Base

1946 - current

Non-Primary Commerical Service Airport