Permit Fees

Fee Schedule

Commercial Permit Fees

Commercial fees are based on the valuation of the project. New commercial projects will include a plan review fee that is 50% of the permit fee. To view the Fee Calculation Sheet please click here. 

Commercial PermitFee
Plan Review Fee50% of Permit Fee

Residential Permit Fees

Residential fees are either fixed or calculated on a per square foot basis. Review the approved permit fees to find the project valuation per square foot basis determined by your project type. To calculate the total valuation of your project, multiple the fee of your project type by the total square footage. 

Residential PermitFee Per Square Foot
Floor Area$80.00
Unfinished Basement/Finished Basement $20.00/$40.00
Unfinished Garage/Finished Garage$20.00/$30.00
Unfinished Split/Finished Split$25.00/$40.00
Fireplace (each)$4,000.00
Screened Porch$20.00
Three Season Porch$40.00
Doors/WindowsBased on Valuation
Permanent Manufactured Home$40.00
Governor's HouseActual Cost + Basement + Garage Value
Moved-In Previously OccupiedPurchase Price/Assessed Value (whichever is greater)
Frost flooding for Crawl Space$20.00
Interior Remodel (Bathroom/Kitchen)$40.00
Plan Review Fee - New Residential $100.00

For contractors, a residential contractors license is required before completing any residential work within City limits. The license cost $60.00 and is good from January 1st to December 31st of the year you apply for. To apply click on Contractor's License tab to the left or click here

Commercial/Residential Permit Fees

Fixed FeesFee
Residential Re-Roof $25.00
Accessory Structure (less than 200 sq. ft.)$25.00
Deck (Residential District)$25.00
Demolition (Commercial District)/ Demolition (Residential)$100.00/$25.00
Fence (Residential District)
Manufactured Home Inspection $30.00
Microwave Antenna $30.00
Sign Permit $100.00

Please contact the Community Development Office at (605) 882-6201 with any questions regarding permit fees or calculations.