Medical Cannabis Licenses

There are four types of medical cannabis establishment licenses: cultivation, manufacturing, testing and dispensary. An applicant must apply for a license in each class relating to applicants proposed operation.  Medical Cannabis Establishments are required to receive a license from the City of Watertown prior to operating any type of medical cannabis establishment.

City of Watertown Documents:

City Ordinances

Watertown Cannabis Application

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Current Licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensaries:

  1. Dakota Dispensaries, LLC 
  2. Dispensary of Watertown
  3. Lion’s Den Dispensary LLC

*According to Title 25.0701: The number of medical cannabis dispensaries may not exceed one (1) for the first ten thousand (10,000) of population or fraction thereof, and may not exceed one (1) for each additional (10,000) of population or fraction thereof. At the time of enactment of this Section, no more than three (3) active medical dispensaries shall be allowed to operate in the City at any one (1) time. Dispensary licenses are unavailable at this time with the City of Watertown.  Please contact us directly for any updates.