Code of Conduct

The Watertown Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department strives to create an atmosphere of respect and courtesy at all of its facilities. Appropriate social behavior and treatment is expected of all department employees, patrons, and participants. Physical, mental, verbal, or emotional abuse will not be allowed by anyone at any time at department facilities.

This Code of Conduct outlines acceptable/unacceptable behavior. Department employees and board members are authorized to enforce this Code of Conduct. 

Any person engaging in inappropriate conduct may be subject to immediate removal for a period of time deemed appropriate, which may include a permanent ban from department programs and facilities. 

The following activities are prohibited at Watertown Parks, Recreation, and Forestry facilities and parks: 

  1. Harassment or intimidation using words, gestures, body language, or menacing behavior, including activities conducted through social media. (Follow the good letter rules: Keep it clean. Keep it short. Don't threaten or abuse. Turn off caps lock. Be truthful. Be respectful. Be proactive. Share your thoughts with us.)
  2. Physical contact with another individual or staff member in an any angry, violent, or threatening manner;
  3. Any demonstration of sexual activity or sexual suggestiveness; 
  4. Carry or concealing weapons or devices that may be used as a weapon; 
  5. Use or possession of illegal drugs or alcohol on Park, Recreation, and Forestry property where such use or possession is not allowed; 
  6.  Abuse of department equipment, supplies, and property; 
  7. Theft;
  8. Loitering;
  9. The use of tobacco products on city-owned playgrounds and facilities at any time youth activities are occurring; 
  10. Continuous poor sportsmanship or overaggressive competitiveness from players or spectators; 
  11. Any other behavior deemed unacceptable by those in charge of the facility or activity.

Persons committing any conduct violation may receive a verbal warning, written warning, or may be immediately removed from the facility. In addition to all these examples of possible discipline, individuals may be forbidden to enter upon department facilities for a period of time, may be have any membership suspended for a period of time, or may have any membership or prepaid pass revoked with or without refund. 

Thank you for your cooperation and for ensuring all Watertown Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department parks and facilities remain a safe and enjoyable place to recreate.