City Manager

Message from City Manager Amanda MackAmanda Mack City Manager

Welcome to the City of Watertown’s newly improved website. We hope the new site answers your questions, provides the information you are looking for, and is a good user experience!

The City of Watertown transitioned to a City Manager Form of Government in July, 2021. I am honored to serve as the community’s first manager. I moved to Watertown after serving the cities of Worthing, SD; Canton, SD; and Spencer, IA in a similar capacity. 

Watertown is an impressive community with much to offer and great potential. As the manager, I oversee all of the day to day operations of the City by working closely with the City leadership team. That team is comprised of the following: Assistant City Manager/Public Works Director; Chief Financial Officer; Parks, Recreation and Forestry Director; Human Resources Director; Police Chief; Fire Chief;  Information Technology Director; Library Director; City Attorney and Public Information Officer. This team works tirelessly to address the City’s needs. 

In addition to the day-to-day operations, I serve as an advisor to the City Council, and am tasked with carrying out the vision and strategic plan of the elected body. The City employs roughly 250 full-time employees, across 9 departments and has an annual budget of nearly $90 million. We are proud of our Bramble Park Zoo, the Prairie Lakes Wellness Center, Cattail Crossing Golf Course, the Prairie Lakes Ice Arena, our Regional Airport, and every service and amenity we provide within those facilities and everywhere in between.

If I can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me, or anyone on my team!

In Service,

Amanda Mack
City Manager