Planning and Zoning is responsible for the orderly development of the city and the administration of various land use regulations, including the zoning ordinance and subdivision ordinance. The Division assists with requests and applications for:

  1. Brandi Hanten

    Senior Urban Planner
    Phone: 605-882-6202x3528

  • Annexation and Zoning
    • Annexation is the methodical extension of a city's boundaries into adjacent unincorporated areas and the corresponding extension of city services into those areas.
  • Comprehensive Land Use Plan Amendment
    • The Comprehensive Land Use Plan is a compilation of land use policies which serve as a guide for making development decisions.
  • Plats
    • A plat is a map of a piece of land showing the exact size and location of the lots, blocks, streets, easements, and public grounds drawn to scale.
  • Subdivision of Land
  • Vacation
    • The Vacation of an Easement is a process used to eliminate all or a portion of an easement for utilities, drainage, access, or any other type of easement designated on a plat.
  • Planned Unit Development
    • A PUD is a type of development approved through a special process designed to allow flexibility in the zoning process to encourage innovative land use and development.
  • Zoning
    • The zoning ordinance specifies the details of each district such as building setbacks, height, size and location of open spaces, and the intensity to which the land may be developed. 

Application Review

Incomplete applications will not be processed by the City and will be returned to the applicant. If the submittal is complete, the application will follow the schedule for Development Review. 

Subdivision applications (Concept Plan, Preliminary Plan, etc.) that need to be reviewed by the Design Review Team will follow the schedule for Subdivision Review.