Planning and Zoning is responsible for the orderly development of the city and the administration of various land use regulations, including the zoning ordinance and subdivision ordinance. The Department assists with requests and applications for:

For questions please email Brandi at or by calling (605) 882-6202.

Application Review

Incomplete applications will not be processed by the City and will be returned to the applicant. If the submittal is complete, the application will follow the schedule for Development Review. 
Subdivision applications (Concept Plan, Preliminary Plan, etc.) that need to be reviewed by the Design Review Team will follow the schedule for Subdivision Review.

Lake Kampeska Master Plan

The Lake Kampeska Master Plan is an innovative, organized vision designed to define lake management priorities and to guide both immediate and long-term land use and public investment decisions. As development adjacent to the lake has grown over time, a variety of strategies have been employed to manage land use and zoning, fish and wetland habitats, and water quality and lake operations. This Master Plan aims to review the existing strategies, evaluate the effectiveness of those strategies, and set forth a new plan for development while highlighting opportunities for increased public amenities, recreation and access. The Lake Kampeska Master Plan was adopted by the City Council on December 16, 2019.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

The 2020 Comprehensive Land Use Plan is scheduled to be heard by the City Council on April 6th, 2020. This plan describes the goals, policies, and objectives of the City of Watertown for future land use planning and development.

Plan Commission

Staff also provides technical assistance and support to the Plan Commission.

Community Development assists with building permits, conditional uses, variances, setbacks, home occupations, and provides technical assistance and support to the Board of Adjustment.

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