Street  Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Division strives to maximize the life of the Watertown’s transportation facilities and to provide a high quality driving surface on approximately 220 miles of city streets through a comprehensive maintenance, repair, and sweeping program including timely and efficient snow removal, street de-icing, and sanding operations. The maintenance program consists of scheduled annual asphalt overlays, crack sealing on approximately 60 blocks per year, and seal coating of about 280 blocks per year.

If you have questions regarding Street Maintenance Division activities, or need to report an issue, please call (605) 882-6207. 

The Street Maintenance Division shares the responsibility of maintaining Watertown's storm water management systems by mowing detention ponds, cleaning trash screens on storm sewer inlets, and clearing and regrading overland flow paths. The Street Maintenance Division is largely responsible for the annual spring city-wide cleanup week held in May. The division also assists in the construction of numerous park and recreation amenities.

  1. Responsibilities
  2. Street Repair, Rates & Guidelines
  3. Snow Removal


  • Blading and graveling of gravel surfaces and township obligations every four to six weeks
  • Spraying and mowing right of way
  • Milling and paving, control of same
  • Repair of equipment
  • Current recall list
  • Apply sanding mixture
  • Sweeping all streets and avenues every three to four weeks
  • Spring run-off control
  • Traffic control devices and signs
  • Traffic striping and markings
  • Material specification for city
  • Extensive patching of city streets
  • Snow removal and snow removal from downtown
  • Mix salt and sand
  • Safety programs: public, employee, and workers
  • Specification for new equipment
  • Drainage system cleaning and mowing
  • Paving 50 to 60 blocks per year
  • Seal coating 160 blocks per year
  • Snow fencing: 10th Avenue North, Third Avenue North, Cutts Avenue, City Park, North Ridge, and 10th Avenue North gardens