City Council

The Watertown City Council is comprised of two elected members of from each City Ward. The meetings are led by the Mayor or, if the Mayor is not present, the City Council President.

  • The Current Mayor of Watertown is Sarah Caron. 
  • Ward A is represented by the Council Vice President Ried Holien and Don Roby.
  • Ward B is represented by the Council President Adam Lalim and Jason Redemske
  • Ward C is represented by Beth Mantey and Michael Heuer
  • Ward D is represented by Josh Weyh and Bruce Buhler
  • Ward E is represented by Glen Vilhauer and Dan Albertsen.

The City Council meetings take place on the first and third Monday’s of each month. If there is a public holiday on the Monday in which the council is to meet, the council will meet on the following Tuesday. The Public Works, Finance, & Safety Meeting starts at 4:00 PM, and the City Council Meeting starts following at 5:30 PM.

Adopted Public Comment Decorum Policy

Don Roby.jpg
Don Roby
Ward A
Adam Lalim.jpg
Adam Lalim
Ward B
Jason Redemske 2019
Beth Mantey Picture
Beth Mantey
Ward C
Josh Weyh.jpg
Josh Weyh
Ward D
Bruce Buhler