Watertown Standard Plates

Specification Reference No. 350
380.08 Pavement Transverse Const. Joints SD DOT
380.14 Type B PCC Approach Pavement SD DOT
380.W1 PCC Approach Pavement

380.12 PCC Pavement Longitudinal Joints SD DOT
380.16 Fillet Section SD DOT

Specification Reference No. 450
450.W1 Std Sump Pump Draintile Trench450.W2 Std Transition RCP to RC Arch Detail
450.W3 Std Transition RCP to RC Elliptical Detail450.W4 Std Trash Guard for Flared End Detail
450.W5 RC Elliptical Pipe Detail450.W6 Hand Fabrication RCP Tee Details
450.W7 Hand Fabricated RCP Cross Details

Specification Reference No. 650
650.W1 B66 C&G and P6 Gutter (Wtn mod)650.W2 Concrete Curb Section
650.W3 Concrete Valley Gutter650.W4 24 Inch B66 C&G P6 Gutter (Wtn mod)

Specification Reference No. 651
651.W1 Sidewalk Section651.W2 Sidewalk Ramps
651.W3 Sidewalk Adjacent to Railroad Crossing651.W4 Monolithic Sidewalk and Curb
651.W5 Van Accessible Parking Spot Detail

Specification Reference No. 671
671.W1 Std Storm Sewer Junction Box671.W2 Std 48 inch Storm MH
671.W3 Std 60 inch Storm MH

Specification Reference No. 734
734.W1 Inlet Protection for Type B734.W1.1 Inlet Protection for Type S
734.W2 Vehicle Tracking Control734.W3 Minor Impact Filter Strip
734.W35 Concrete Washout Detail

Specification Reference No. 900
900.W1 Water Service900.W2 Water- Sanitary Service Insulation
900.W3 Water Main Adjustment Detail900.W4 Std Sewer Trench Surface Repair Detail

Specification Reference No. 950
950.W1 Sanitary Sewer Manhole950.W2 Sanitary Sewer Bedding Detail
950.W3 Sanitary Sewer Insulation Detail950.W4 Sanitary Sewer Drop Bowl Detail
950.W5 Cleanout Frame & Cover950.W6 Sanitary Sewer MH Bench Repair Detail
950.W7 Sanitary Sewer MH Stack Repair Detail950.W8 Sanitary Sewer Encasement Pipe Detail
950.W9 Manhole Frame & Lid Adjustment Detail